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Right now, those players are!?

This time, we will be taking a look at Rokkaku players!

Saeki Koujirou
Shudou Satoshi
Itsuki Marehiko
Aoi Kentarou
Kisarazu Ryou

(This is Kentarou. We’ve decided to send a message in a bottle to Bane-san and Dabide at the training camp. Now that I think about it, why didn’t anyone stop this? What a mystery…)

Shudou: Gehyabu—!

Saeki: Sh-Shudou——————-!!

Kentarou: Shudou-san drank the bottle dry for us. We can’t let the bottle he left for us go to waste.

Ryou: That’s right. Let’s not waste Shudou’s courage!

Itsuki: I agree too. We want to give the message to them as quickly as we can, ne.

Shudou: …………………………….gefu.

Saeki: ….for Shudou’s sake as well, let’s take the letter to the ocean!

Ryou: Ah. Wait up…I have a call from Atsushi.

Atsushi: ”Hey, it’s been awhile. You doing well?”

Ryou: Yeah. We just wrote a bottled message for Bane-san and Dabide.

Kentarou: Ryou-san, change with me for a bit!

Ryou: Ah. Don’t take my cell phone so suddenly…

Kentarou: Hello, Atsushi-san? Atsushi-san, do you have a message for them?

Atsushi: ”Hmmm, sounds interesting. But I don’t think it’ll reach them.”

Kentarou: Eh? Why? I know the percentage for reaching them is low, but…

Atsushi: ”I mean, the training camp, wasn’t it located in the mountains…”


Ryou: What’s up? Kentarou? Weren’t you in the middle of talking?

Kentarou: Well, he’s busy, so he hung up.

Saeki: What’s with Atsushi? He was the one who called.

Kentarou: Just leave it! Let’s hurry and release the bottle.

Itsuki: That’s right. If we release it quickly, it’ll reach them faster, ne.

Ryou: Kusukusukusu. Even if we hurry…

Saeki What the! So gloomy! Kentarou!! What happened?

Kentarou: T-There’s nothing going on, Sae-san!

(I didn’t manage to tell them because I was the one who suggested the whole thing…but that’s just a flimsy excuse. It all comes down to….aaah! What a seaside idiot I am—-!)

(Insert: Picture of Bane-san and Dabide)

Amane: Jitsu wa jitsuwa. Pfff. (As a matter of fact, true story.)

Kurobane: As if!

(from PairPuri #1 Sanada/Atobe RIVALS)


Just a friendly reminder that nobody from Rokkaku noticed that sending messages in a bottle out to sea wouldn’t reach the mountains. 

>< They are jut cute beach-side idiots…and I;m VERY disappointed not more of them are in New Prince of Tennis!

(for ryoukisarazu…since Rokkaku are like her babies.)


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